An shs 3 student of Saint Louis raped on campus.

Ghana’s well-known Senior Secondary school Saint Louis based in Kumasi, has recorded a brutal rape crisis.

This tragic incidence happened on Sunday 23, August as a final year student went on campus after preps to have her personal studies all alone to prepare for her upcoming wassce exams.

There was a role call which called for all students to be in their dormitory, unfortunately the victim was fast asleep and missed the roll call, she was by then in a new block all alone studying.

It was around 12:30 to 1:00 am where this all happened, it was discovered that one sister who is more matured but also a student Showed up on the victim, forced her, brutalized her, and raped her mercilessly, she tore her uniform and it looked like she even inserted foreign materials into her private part which made the victim bleed severely..

Currently, she is at the hospital receiving treatment but the sad thing is, nothing was done about the incidence, no investigations when the incidence took place and authorities tried to keep students mute from exposing this tragedy to the outside with the motive of not tarnishing the schools reputation.

This has really struck fear on the part of students of Saint Louis. This information is vital and received from students from the inside.

One thought on “An shs 3 student of Saint Louis raped on campus.

  1. Interesting….
    But I keep wondering, why would a student miss an ongoing roll call just to brutalize and rape another student? …..

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