Fans Have Spotted Jose Mourinho Having Football Manager 20 On His Laptop

The well-travelled Portuguese boss has been a highly successful manager in real-life for 20 years but Mourinho is also prone to a venture in the wonderful world of FM.

With its in-depth database, the Sports Interactive game has been known to be incredibly useful for clubs when it comes to scouting and there are a number of stories about individuals who have got a job working in football thanks to their exploits sat at home on the laptop.

And it seems as though Mourinho is on the FM bandwagon, with fans spotting the game on his laptop during the Amazon ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur’ documentary that just dropped today.

The 57-year old, who is very much the star of the series and produces many priceless moments, was doing a tactics meeting ahead of his first game in charge of Spurs and plenty spotted the FM logo on his desktop at the bottom of his MacBook.

It’s not known how many hours Mourinho has racked up on the game, or whether he has ever taken Leyton Orient to Champions League glory, but he is one of us and this incident sparked some tweets:

However, we do know that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the man who replaced him as Manchester United manager, has learnt a lot from the game.

In an interview with Dagbladet, he said: “When I played for Man U I relaxed by playing Football Manager.

“It’s a fantastic game, I have learned a lot about football. I have learned a lot about players, especially young talent.

“It resembles real life, when it comes to who will be good players. They have done incredible research. I remember thinking the same then, that I do as a manager, you want to give young guns the chance, see them develop.

“You could push a few buttons and get extra millions to buy a player. I never enjoyed that. I would rather win in spite of, than because of.

“Many of my players play FIFA and Football Manager. I think it helps them to understand football better.”


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