NDC’s general secretary, Mr Johnson General Asiedu Nketiah who was the first witness for the Petitioner (John Mahama) is said to have allegedly betrayed his party’s figurehead with reference to the answers he gave to the supreme court judges inside the witness’ box .

During the cross-examination by the lawyer of the Electoral Commission(EC), Mr Asiedu Nketiah responded to all the questions that were put to him and made a critical statement “I’m not the petitioner” and for that fact, he can’t answer the questions form the lawyer.Because of his awkward and unexpected answers, the lawyer for the EC appealed to the bench that part of the case be struck out if that will be his response.

Aseidu Nketiah’s answers have given rise to a crucial conversation point as to whether he should be carrying the burden of the petitioner and whether former President John Mahama will have a change of mind and mount the witness box himself.Many NDC supporters seem not to be pleased with their comrades attitude in the court room today. A considerable number of them have tagged him as a “betrayer”.

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