Man to divorce wife after plumber removed 23 used condoms blocking their toilet

A Nigerian couple’s marriage is at the verge of breaking over suspicion of infidelity on the part of the wife. Here goes the full story;

The husband is reportedly set to part ways with his wife he suspects of cheating after a plumber pulled out 23 used condoms which have been blocking the toilet of his house built barely a year ago.

This story was shared on social media by a man who claims to be a relative of the husband who’s set to divorce wife after the plumber pulled out the condoms. 

According to him, the husband says he has never used condoms ever since he got married to her. Besides, why should he use a condom whiles he’s married. 

He suspects the wife of lining up, men in his absence to enjoy herself because the house is barely a year old and it’s only occupied by them alone.

The young man who relates to the confused and angry husband giving full details to the incident as he shared disclosed that his uncle and wife have been married for two years with one daughter and they celebrated their wedding anniversary recently.

He added in his post that his uncle became speechless at the sight of the discovery because he is not always at home and he does not use a condom on his wife.


“There’s a problem in the house! We have been having a problem with our toilet for a while now but we received a shock after finding out what the problem is….

“My uncle is 44 and his wife is 34 with 1 kid (girl) they just celebrated 2 years anniversary. My uncle spends most of the time at the shop. He sells spare parts and automobile; he never knew and will never believe that his wife brings another man home (who she has once introduced to me as his cousin) … FastFWD

“Two weeks now we have been finding it hard to flush the toilet because the water is moving …. My uncle called a plumber yesterday, the plumber had to call my uncle to show him what the problem is… To our surprise, its a condom, and one of them is still fresh with some sperm inside…

“My uncle was surprised because he said he never used it on her since they got married … He just built the house which is not even up to 1year… Now their marriage is on the line of collapsing, I like the wife very well because she is kind and generous she buys me the latest things like phones, shoes, shirts… I don’t know how to contribute to the issues because I am just a boy boy,” 

A quick one, what will you do is you accidentally find yourself in this same situation as the husband? Share your thoughts with us, lets get interractive.

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