Mzbel imprisoned in the police custody.

Ghana’s Hitmaker Mzbel has been charged and jailed at the National CID headquarters.

The arrest happened just yesterday, from our sources Mzbel claimed that Stacy Amoateng is Hiv Positive

Mzbel spoke out that she had her information from Prophet Nigel who informed her that Stacy Amoateng is Hiv positive and he is the one assisting her in prayers.

Based on this statement Stacy Amoateng reported Mzbel to the police which led to her arrest.

Stacy Amoateng

According to our sources, Mzbel was invited over a week ago by the police but she kept ignoring the invite until she was finally arrested yesterday 24 August, 2020.

Currently Mzbel is jailed at the SIU department at the CID headquarters being processed.

This is a recent developing story, my team and I will keep monitoring and update you with detailed information on any new outcome.

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