Nana Abeyie Otuo Sereboe Launches His New company.

Nana Abeyie Otuo Sereboe the son of Nana Otuo Sereboe (II) chief of Juaben in the Ashanti region and also Council of state chairman. Held a program On Monday 7th September, 2020 to launch his new company.


A lot of dignitaries showed up to affirm their support and love, the chief and queen mother of Juaben were present, the Mp of juaben constituency and other most important dignitaries in the field of farming were present to witness this beautiful occasion.

Nana Abeyie Sereboe the CEO of the company, Juaben Food Bank gave a speech on how the idea for developing this company came about.

He first thanked the Almighty God and also showed some acknowledgement to the chief, Queen mother, dignitaries , the farmers and every citizen of the juaben community.

He made mention of Garry Adu Darko as the Executive Director of the juaben food bank company And also a nephew to him. He said the whole idea of the juaben food bank was planned in 2019. Himself and Garry Darko taught of creating a company which would help farmers,increase productivity and also provide job opportunities for the youths.

He also said they are in partnership with Ghana Commodity Exchange. A company that buys and sells nationwide. The aim of juaben food bank is to provide warehouses for storing cultivated foods such as maize, rice and all other grain and cereal foods. Again he has other structures with well equipped machines that will dry up the maize and also filter rice making the work of farmers less stressful and easier. He then concluded his speech and the rest of the program continued.

The chief of juaben Nana Otuo Sereboe (II) did the honor by cutting the strand and officially opening up the company. dignitaries and some citizens took a tour around the company as he took them through, educating them on how each machine operates and the specific work it does. The program then came to a successful end.

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