SHOCKING!!!!!!!Black Panther star passes on at age 43.


Chadwick Boseman who rose to stardom for playing the main protagonist role in the movie Black Panther has been reported dead at his home in Los Angeles, according to a representative.

Chadwick Boseman, 43, died at his home in the presence of his family. According to his family, Chadwick has been suffering from colon cancer for 4 years whiles in the spotlight.

His T’Challa character was first introduced to the blockbuster Marvel movies in 2016′s “Captain America: Civil War,” and his “Wakanda Forever” salute reverberated around the world after the release of “Black Panther” two years ago.

Born in South Carolina, Boseman graduated from Howard University and had small roles in television before his first star turn in 2013. His striking portrayal of the stoic baseball star Robinson opposite Harrison Ford in 2013′s “42” drew attention in Hollywood and made him a star.

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