Why Mr Eazi turns down a multimillion-dollar record deal? (2020)

The popular afropop musician Mr eazi turned down a multimillion-dollar record deal with a big label, He said “I want to be an industry player not just for myself, but I want to create value.”

The deal was initiated in Las Vegas, where he met the president of the label, a very respected man in the music industry. He then said the deal was a life-changing deal, he was in a good hotel but he didn’t enjoy it because he was just thinking about the deal, some members of his team were like ”yo! Eazi, this is it for us” take this deal you can even decide to start a farm somewhere for yourself. he cracked up…

Mr Eazi

He continued that he had critically taught of the deal and realized that the ecosystem of the music industry is bigger than the amount of the label.

He concluded that as for him he wants to be an industry player, not just for himself and also he wants to create value, because wherever there is value there is profit.

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